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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • GCard_Dream
    07-13 04:49 PM
    Don't be greedy now. You are the only member I know aside from two admins who has 2 green dots. You should be proud of that. You are doing great.

    Now go enjoy your friday evening and weekend or I'll give you a -ve vote :D
    Have a great weekend.

    That means there are some positive and some negative votes for you.

    It looks I now have two green squares. With three squares I will get my GC within the next two years. So if only I can get a few more votes :D

    P.S - I can't believe I am spending my Friday evening that too in Summer in front of my computer.

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  • satyasaich
    01-31 12:51 PM
    As per the law, your H1B will still be valid even in if I-140 is revoked. However, the only flip side is one will lose the old priority date.
    For sure, this is exactly outlined in the law. I have known some cases who are working successfully and legally on H1Bs even after their I-140s revoked (by the way one of them is in 8th year of H1B)
    Im 100% sure about what i said. For better clarification, one can contact murthy.com or rajiv.s.khanna

    I work for a good consulting company, completed 3 years in that company.
    Since it is a consulting company my pay is less unless i go full-time.
    I started thinking about going full-time with other companies and got offers from two companies.
    My suggestion would be to contact Murthy.com or Rajiv.s.Khanna to double check what i said

    Now my dilemma is that if i switch companies, my current employer(consulting) might revoke my I140 and use it for labor substitution. I talked to different lawyers about validity of the H1B extension based on I140 approval. All of them say ask your old employer not revoke I140. If I140 is revoked, H1B extension could be invalid. Currently DOL/USCIS does not have a process/bandwidth to handle revoking H1Bs pro-actively.

    I decided to take my chances and take one of the new offers. Worse case, i will go back to india. Wait may be that be the BEST case, i could work for a startup:)

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  • quick
    December 24th, 2004, 10:24 PM
    The quality sucks (I have a Motorola V710 w/1MP camera - it is at best slightly worse than the 1MP point and shoot Epson I had in 1997) and has less than zero low light capability... but I carry my phone everywhere.... int he upper right of my blog (http://threefourfive.com) is a secion called moblog that has the latest photo I've sent to my blog - you can click on that and get to a gallery of all the photos I've sent to it (videos too)... it's only 8 clicks to send a photo and have it auto posted to my blog... nice for super quick snapshots of my kid or something for my mom to see.


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  • ryan
    02-03 05:33 PM
    Hi Ryan,

    Do you know anyone have done that? Like you personally or anyone you know? Have they got I-140? I read that its possible to get PERM Labor done under EB-2, but USCIS gives real hard time at I-140 stage.

    Appreciate your help!

    Thank you

    The lawyers had the Ozzie degree, as well as the US CPA evaluated via an accredited foreign degree evaluator. This was back in the summer of �06. Again, invest a few extra $$ and hire a good lawyer. They can best explain the process / prerequisites to you.


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  • Refugee_New
    10-13 04:04 PM
    The very first time I went in formals (for my F1 visa). After that I've been to the consulate seven times, and its always been in jeans and t shirt. Next time I'm thinking of going Tarzan style. It will save me the security hassle and will serve as a good respite from the Chennai heat.

    How about spiderman style? Undies outside

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  • ashutrip
    07-18 12:48 PM
    how long does it take to get Hard Copy of labor Approval from atalanta center?


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  • docwa
    04-10 01:29 PM
    HI I am a physician (hospitalist) whose labor was under the catagory 'Internist' job code. The fellowship I am considering is open only to internist. I am also planning to moonlight as an internist while in fellowship. Would it be acceptable from the I485 point of view? Incidentally my I140 was approved more the 180 days ago.

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  • guygeek007
    11-04 01:17 PM
    Update : My 140 got approved on Oct 31 @ NSC after ability to pay RFE was addressed with CPA eval documentation. Thanks for all your assistance and support!

    This is my GC application history

    1. PD for Labor - Aug 2003
    2. Labor(Regular) Application Approved - Nov 2005
    3. i-140 applied in Jan 2006
    4. RFE received question was for company not self, i-140 withdrawn.
    5. Transferred my H1 to the companys sister concern and reapplied for i140 in June 2006.
    6. Applied for i140 premium processing on June 22nd, 2007.

    Current status for i-140 : Recieved and pending at Nebraska service center.

    Q1. What is i-140 receipt date for premium processing. Is it the date the fed-ex package is recvd by USCIS or is it a date issued by USCIS that should reach my lawyer?

    Q2. If in case the USCIS need to provide my attorney a receipt date, we have NOT received one as yet. Does that mean they have not even looked at the application as yet?

    Q3. Can i apply for i485 in the worst case that i do not receive approval for i140 by Aug 17th under the concurrent filing rule.

    Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


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  • sanjay02
    06-29 06:38 PM
    Follow directions in your interview letter with list of things to take. Have all the originals and photocopies. If your case is straight forward , I dont think you need an attorney or else if you think you need an attorney find a local person in your area who can accompany you.

    I had an interview last Feb 2009, my case was pre-adjucated. My PD is 2005.

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  • keerthi
    05-14 01:20 AM
    Thank you very much for all the answers. I will post here when my employer takes a decision on the L1-A/L1-B/H1-B.


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  • shutterbabe
    11-19 09:41 AM
    Thanx everyone for the helpful advice. I will schedule an infopass appointment. Can can I see an I/O at a location that doesn't service my area?

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  • rheoretro
    09-25 05:20 PM
    This will not amount to discrimination in any way. If you are not able to show the proof that you are legally entitled to staying in the country for the coming 3-5 years (and many people here are extending their H1 status every year) it will be very risky for a lender to extend a 15-30 year mortgage to you.
    As a matter of fact in a very competitive market lenders most likely won't turn your application down, but will make you pay more in interest, which again does not qualify as any kind of discrimination.

    I was approved a mortgage app. at very competetive rates... you can be asked by a lender whether you are a permanent resident or citizen or not, but you cannot be turned away just because your GC is still in the works.

    And if someone does choose to leave the country for some reason, they sell the property or put it on rent. Hopefully, they would have bought intelligently enough so that in case they need to put the property on rent, the rent would cover the mortgage!


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  • meg_z
    11-22 09:29 AM
    A friendly reminder: please do grammer and spelling checks before sending. Thanks.

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  • americandesi
    09-09 07:04 PM
    The way these companies are run is pathetic. I know a Desi employer who invested his revenues into Tollywood (Telugu) movies. :D Isn�t it amusing?

    Most of these movies flopped and he didn't have any money to pay his employees. Some one complained to DOL and they blacklisted the company preventing them from processing anymore H1's or GC's. The Desi employer eventually started another company and went into the whole crappy business again.


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  • houston2005
    08-21 11:26 AM
    It is my turn to receive the "Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident" today. My depenedents are yet to receive this mail. This forum, Immigration-law, Immigration portal by Rajiv Khanna and many other immigration lawyers' websites like Murthy's etc were very useful to understand the immigration laws.
    I did everything myself (EB2-NIW - India) - I140, I485, AP and EAD and my PD (I140 RD) and I485 RD are 08-30-2005.
    I did make a one time conribution of $100.00 to IV.
    Thanks a lot. All the best to all.


    Which service center did you applied to. I have similar PD (8/22/05) and EB2 NIW at TSC.

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  • gc_dream07
    06-10 12:53 PM
    I support this move. If it takes 10 years to get the GC after filing I-485, then we should get 10-year EAD/AP. Why should we pay every year throusands of dollar.


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  • zerozerozeven
    04-10 03:29 PM
    163,000 applns for general and more than 31,200 applns for advanced degree.

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  • wonderlust
    10-04 11:50 PM
    I believe it is random and chaotic. WORSE, we have been powerless to control or improve it. That is why we need to work together and make our voice heard!


    I am sure you are a latest filers...so just relax and forget abt it for many yrs to come unless there is a serious effort by the Govt. to reduce backlog...till then elax and dotn let your blood boil over it leading to deterioration in health and wealth....
    NJOY !!!

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  • krishna_brc
    09-17 09:38 PM

    I recieved my green card last month through Consular Processing and now getting a good offer. Is it OK to join another company just after 1 month of green card or I should wait for some more time. NEED SUGGESTIONS from experts:D

    If you have good relations with your employer ask them to terminate your employment. That way at the time of your naturalization/citizenship you will have an alibi for "as to why you changed employment" with in 6 months.

    This way you can prove that you had the intent to work for sponsoring employer but things didn't go well with the employer himself.


    01-11 11:24 AM

    06-15 06:22 PM

    My parents' and 2 brothers' B2 visas got rejected yesterday. The VO didn't state the refusal reason. He didn't stamp anything on their passports. I got my GC through asylum, and will get married in Nov. 2009. I supplied a formal letter from my pastor about the wedding that it's real. And my parents stated that they are not bringing my youngest brother to the US because he has school. During the interview, the VO asked them about me. He knew that I got my GC through asylum. He asked if I work or go to school. My parents answered honestly that I'm currently working to support myself.

    My parents didn't show their bank account, certificate of properties and business because the VO didn't ask for it. Should they show them to VO eventhough he didn't ask to see it?

    Now, we're preparing to apply B2 visa for a second time. Here are my questions:
    1. When do you think they should apply for the visa again?
    2. What can we prepare to show proofs that they will definitely go back to their country? Should we prepare a letter stating reasons why they won't immigrate to US?
    3. They are taking care of my elderly grandfather, 80 years old. Should they bring a picture of him?
    3. Will they have a better chance if they left all my 3 siblings at home to give more reason they will definitely go back?

    My parents definitely don't want to immigrate to the US.

    Help...help....please...I really want them to attend my wedding.

    Thanks a bunch for all of your advise!

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