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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • noone2day78
    02-15 01:17 PM
    Hmm... I agree with : "Once you strart using EAD your H1 will be terminated."

    what I dont agree with is : "If you want to switch to H1 again your need to apply for fresh H1 in the new quota."

    You can reapply for H1-B but you are NOT subject to H1-B cap / quota.
    It should not be subject to the annual cap unless you have been out of the U.S. for at least one year since you were last in H-1B status.

    ohh is this really true? can u specify a source for this ?

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  • for_ac21iv
    06-01 03:21 PM
    Hellow Anindya,

    Thank you for pointing the petition.

    I saw the petition, and I see that there are some 251 signatories.
    Whats next with it ? Can we use that to "lobby" ?

    Let us all know about it. So we can make it effective.
    Keep posting thank you.


    You guys might want to check out my online petition:


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  • jungalee43
    03-01 08:19 PM
    Is our fax campaign continuing or on hold for the time being?
    We have learnt some lessons at the time of S1932. Our campaign was dead after HR4241 was passed and we were waiting for conference committe to be announced. This was the period when the campaign of NumbersUSA and FAIR actually peaked. They in fact advised members to stop faxes two days before the conference committee was announced. Their organizers knew how the conferences work and they finished work before the committee was formally announced.
    Of course with QGA guiding us this time we are not going to repeat that mistake. Our campaigns should focus on senate and house separately & exactly when it is needed and must reach peak just at right time. With limited options available to us as 'aliens', actually meeting representitives or their staff should be the approach. One meeting is equal to ten faxes.

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  • GTGC
    03-24 04:16 PM
    Awesome job Mark...thanks for explaining our plight in a nutshell and educating people about living conditions around the world :o


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  • poorslumdog
    05-10 10:30 PM
    I have a long layover at New Delhi airport. I am reaching their at 8PM and my next flight in the morning at 7:30AM. Is there any accommodation facility within airport? Or Do i need to go to city? This is the first time, i am going through delhi airport. Any helpful comments are welcome. Thanks and appreciate your help.

    There is a huge run way... try to make use of it.

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  • ivar
    02-07 09:48 AM
    How did you celebrate?
    What are your changed plans now in life?

    Nothing much has changed right now, but first thing i want to do is vacation to india to see my parents. I can feel the difference no wasting time and money on H1 stamping as the first benefit :) as far as celebration we had a party this weekend. i wish you good luck.


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  • jfredr
    08-21 12:06 PM

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  • manishgc
    06-08 02:20 PM

    I am in 7th year extension. I have PD 'Jan 2004 and my I-140 is cleared. (EB3)

    If I get extension for 3yrs, can I switch to another Company. And since I have 5 yrs of exp, can I file in EB2?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • peer123
    04-10 10:41 AM
    I am not sure how to set up a poll question

    Can any one who knows how to do it set up a poll question

    Have changed job using AC21, after having approved I140 and > 180 days of 485 application?

    1. Invoked AC21
    2. Invoked AC21 and H1B transfer
    3. Did not inoked AC21 but only H1B Transfer
    4. Did not change JOB


    Can you any one please set up this poll question

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  • coolngood4u80
    01-26 12:59 PM
    Guys Be proud that even Andhra is part of India and they are Indians too!!! Thanks for sharing this news ...just chillout we don't need to argue for everything


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  • chanduv23
    03-14 02:43 PM
    Not much idea about Australia but you don't want to go Down Under. It's very racist and discriminatory in every aspect. Besides, the accent.... OMG... simply unbearable :mad:

    You can get some info from a forum for British expats in oz:

    All in all Oz is a bigger hell. The only thing good there is the 3 Bs - Beer, Beaches and the Babes. But you better stay away from them because they are not very approachable for the people of color.

    I work with a lot of people from OZ, they tell me it is not as bad as it sounds, but then, if we enter their space, the treatment would be different I guess.

    Thanks for all the info.

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  • jetflyer
    06-10 09:09 AM
    Long History
    Mix of Visa Types
    Labor Sub

    These might have pulled the trigger for RFE

    Received RFE for primary applicant (myself) and spouse.
    Please submit evidence of lawful presence from October 1998 until August 17, 2007.
    The documents may include the following:
    A) a photo copy of form I-797 for all extensions and change of status
    B) photo copy of form I-20 or IAP66 school records (front and back) including all school annotations
    c) Photocopy (front and back) of applicant's Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

    Below is my immigration timeline

    CLASS ------ VALID FROM ------ VALID TO ------ Comments
    H1-B -------- 5/16/1995 -------- 5/17/1998
    H1-B -------- 5/17/1998 -------- 5/17/2001
    H1-B -------- 12/23/1999 ------- 6/30/2001
    H1-B -------- 7/1/2001 --------- 9/30/2001
    0-1 --------- 10/3/2001 ------ 10/1/2004 ------ Stamped in Chennai
    EAD --------- 8/4/2004 -------- 8/3/2005 ------- EB1 denied 1/15/2005
    0-1 --------- 5/13/2005 ------- 5/12/2008 ------ Stamped in Chennai
    0-1 --------- 4/3/2007 --------- 3/13/2010
    0-1 ---------- 5/2/2207 --------- 5/12/2009

    After 1/15/05 (EB-1 denial)
    - Left the country on 6/15/05 (less than 6 months)
    - During this time, applied for O-1 visa and got approved
    - Got visa stamping in Chennai with O-1 visa
    Do you see any issues with my response ?


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  • txh1b
    08-18 11:37 AM
    To be safe, once the h1b is approved, I would suggest that you travel and enter again so that you become eligible to use 245(k) rule if needed during your GC.

    If not, there is a risk for everything from the date you lost your job till your re-entry again to be considered as out of status/unlawful employment as per my lawyer.

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  • mantagon
    07-24 12:32 PM
    Did you say your H1 was valid till Feb 2009? In that case, at this point, you are out of status.

    I have question Need Urgent reply

    I have H1B valid till FEB 2009 but it is not stamped on my passport. I entered in US with AP. and my I140 got denied I have sent the appeal and received the receipt for appeal. but after sending I140 appeal my I485 got denied. I have sent appeal for I485. Not received any receipt yet.
    I have renewed my EAD and travel document before I485 denial

    my question Is,am i legal to stay in US. I am just confused reading different posts with different response.
    can some some body help me understand this situation.


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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-16 07:16 PM
    Lets not count the chickens before they are hatched. Its entirely plausible that if anything favourable comes up, its due to combined efforts. Lets not fight out yet, as if we havent seen anything concrete yet.


    It's pretty strange..I really don't understand...why the entire credit is either being given to IV...or for that matter to AILA/AILF....Everyone has contributed....

    People about to file I-485 have spread the word to everyone abt the injustice done to them...whereas each organization has done its own thing...

    I won't blame or taunt AILA/AILF....because the idea of class lawsuit itself would have scared a lot of people in USCIS.....that also coming from legal organization...And filing a lawsuit takes time...there r lot of things to be considered..

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  • gcformeornot
    05-14 10:20 AM


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  • tinku01
    09-17 06:46 PM

    I recieved my green card last month through Consular Processing and now getting a good offer. Is it OK to join another company just after 1 month of green card or I should wait for some more time. NEED SUGGESTIONS from experts:D

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  • Munshi75
    09-27 05:49 PM
    Try in any universities for a job or even in schools .I am sure you will come across an ample of opportunities. Pay may not be attractive nevertheless, will you keep to afloat .

    And next option would be (if have your GRE Valid), apply in some small schools for a similar but different program now and take admission in Jan 08. Search for small schools only.

    Hope this would help . Try first option , bet u will find soon.

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  • kondur_007
    02-15 06:26 PM
    I have the same query:

    Permit: using EAD and calling AC21
    Role: exactly the same.
    Salary: large difference (bayarea vs small city in under developed state) due to the prevailing wage at the new location is far lower.

    Experts please advice.

    As discussed above with cyrus mehta's blog: This is all discretionary:

    My definition f discretionary: "You need a good lawyer which can wrap your sandwich in "golden wrap" and sell it for $45 instead of seeling it in a "brown bag" for $3.75. It's the same sandwich!!" It sounds harsh, but that's the reality when you deal with a demon called "Law and Lawyers".

    Simple version: have it worded by a good lawyer to justify it and make it "same or similar". It is the "wrap" that determines the "price".

    Good Luck.

    06-06 03:50 PM
    The Guidlines one and the Family Guy monkey are my favorites cause they make me laugh.


    08-21 06:37 PM
    are you in EB2?
    Yes I am.

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