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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • ColoJohnBoy
    May 22, 11:28 AM
    As I write this, I am sitting at my parent's old Compaq Presario 5000, with 750 MHz AMD Duron, 576 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Drive, and 64 MB NVidia GeForce 2 card (Most of it I have upgraded myself) and running Windows XP Home. I have used PCs for about ten years now. I am familiar with them, I know exactly where to find everthing on them, how to fix everything on them.... I know how everything works, even in XP. Yet Last June, I switched to Mac. Why?

    1) Design. PC computers are just hideous. Really, they're simply not attractive to look at. The only one that comes glose is Gateway's All-In-One computer. But even that is no iMac. Apple computers really are beautiful. They're simple, graceful, and durable.

    2) Mac OS X. Like I said, I know every Windows OS inside and out, having used every iteration of it for ten years. Yet I prefer OS X. Just like the physical design of the computer, OS X is simple, graceful, and durable. What some might perceive as "dumbed down" I see as rid of the unneecessary aspects that all but a small fraction of the computer user population use. It's clear and straightforward, and never have I experienced any problems with it. I admit, it has crashed twice. But both times it was because I was trying to run a severly faulty program. That's two crashes in one year. I'm lucky if I can make it through one day without having Windows (Yes, even XP) crash twice.

    3) iApps. I've been using my parents computer lately, and looking for a good MP3 program to use while I do. I've been spoilt by iTunes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, for PCs that works as well as iTunes. I've been using MusicMatch, but after iTunes it seems clunky, redundant, and difficult to use. Dare I say, unintuitive.

    4) Health. I have enough headaches in my life already. I don't need even the small stresses that crashes, program errors, and unintuitive programs cause. I don't stress out when I'm using my Macs. It's like electronic aspirin.

    I admit to bashing Pcs. But I must defend myself by saying that I use them enough to be entitled to such bashing. For me, Macs are better, and I bash them with good reason.

    That, and bashing PCs is just fun ;)

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  • dejo
    Apr 6, 06:20 PM
    Selling outside the Marketplace

    All threads offering items for sale or trade, asking to buy items, or asking for pricing advice on items to be sold must be posted in the Marketplace forum, which is accessible only to qualified members and subject to additional rules; see the Marketplace Rules for details. Members not eligible for the Marketplace forum may not start threads elsewhere for such purposes.

    from http://guides.macrumors.com/Help:Forum_Rules#Minor_Problems

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  • WannaGoMac
    Apr 5, 05:08 PM
    I don't understand this. Could you or someone explain this to me please?

    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

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  • fabsgwu
    Oct 26, 01:29 PM
    This is a very bad prescient. The universal binaries are there for a reason, Adobe is not a good Mac developer imo for this reason.

    On the other hand, the design professionals won't upgrade to Intel Macs until all of their apps are ported. Once that happens there will be a lot more incentive to switch to Intel, and in the end it will be good for Apple to really solidify the base of Intel-Mac users. I guess this is ripping the band-aid off quick and clean, but it's really not fair to a lot of users.


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  • leekohler
    May 3, 10:28 AM
    Yeah, you might want to hold off on your move to Canada... This is going to be an interesting 4 years.

    I was wrong about this election, I had posted elsewhere this was not going to change much, but I didn't realize that the Liberals and the Bloc were that weak. The losses of the Bloc boosted the NDP seats in Quebec, and the Liberal weakness helped both the NDP and Conservatives elsewhere.

    The election was pretty crazy, take Ignatieff (who has now resigned BTW) even if you are leader of a party, and your riding has been a stronghold for your party, don't ignore it completely! Then again, check out Bev Oda; apparently you can misuse public money, make very questionable decisions as a minister, lie to parliament and get caught and force your minority government to fall in a vote of non-confidence... but as long as you play nice with the conservative leadership and remain silent, the people will elect you in a landslide. :rolleyes:

    ... I just don't get it.

    Me neither. I thought you Canadians were smarter that this. ;)

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  • 2992
    Aug 19, 04:45 PM
    are you jailbroken? do you have biteSMS installed? if so, thats probably why. if you go to SBSsettings > mobile substrate addons > and then turn off biteSMSsb, it will work normally. but im sure as hell not giving up my biteSMS for a facebook update that has a non functional locations feature (which even when it works i will not use) and background photo uploading. if you dont have the 5 seconds to wait for a picture to upload, maybe you shouldnt be wasting your time on facebook anyway.
    Now with the version 3.2.1 I am able to log in, but after that all pages are saying "Error. Unable to load this page." That's not funny. Now I gotta go AGAIN to the previous version... darnit

    PS: maybe this is THE SIGN that I should stop using fb at all. Just wasting precious time afterall on fb...
    PPS: your post is so true. +1. Heck, +2. ;)

    Update from Facebook:

    Hello fb, how about the REST OF THE WORLD, huh?!


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  • johneymac
    Sep 19, 04:23 PM
    Just did the update and everything went well!

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  • myjellyass
    Mar 28, 09:14 AM
    My prediction:
    Lion and iOS5 functionality is shown which enables 'Home on iPhone', as suggested by Cult of Mac.


    iMac and iPhone hardware is also previewed which demonstrates this ability. This would nicely tie together new releases of the two operating systems as well as the launch of their move to the cloud and would explain why they're bringing the two operating systems together to a single event for the first time.


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  • carlgo
    Apr 15, 06:59 PM
    If by normal people he means peopleofwalmart.com then yes.

    They need a laptop cuz they need a lid to close fast when others enter the room...

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  • nsayer
    Mar 23, 03:38 PM
    Why don't they just use existing standards? RTSP, H.264/MPEG4 video and bonjour. There. No licensing required.

    But no.

    Apple pulls the "standards compliant" flag out of their asses only when it suits them. Boo.


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  • Mr. Anderson
    Sep 13, 04:36 PM
    you got the link, I'd like to read more. Regardless of what happens with the Wintel world, Apple needs to do something about getting faster processors, period.



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  • hankk
    Jan 29, 06:54 PM
    I'm trying to install Panther on our G3 iMac DV from the back up disks that came with our new G5 iMac. (G3 iMac DV: 10.2.8; 768MB; 80GB)

    Among the bundled software is Nanosaur 2.0 (pretty fun). It is not supported on the G3.

    The install options are:
    1. Panther + bundled applications
    2. Bundled applications only
    3. OS 9 only

    There is no Panther-only install option that I can determine.

    When I attempt to install on the G3, the installer determines that the target machine does not support the bundled software (as noted above) and stops.

    I've inspected the directories of all the back up disks and have not found anything useful.

    Does anyone know a work-around to this issue? Or if I want Panther on the old machine, will I have to purchase a Panther upgrade?

    One final question: Will my proof of purchase coupons entitle me to a copy of Panther or Tiger that I could install on the G3 iMac?

    Thanks, Hank



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  • Xapplimatic
    Sep 20, 10:43 PM
    I'm a bit confused, because, I can't update the EFI ... I strictly followed the instructions. Poweron while holding the power button... then some secondes after speed flashs of the led (I mean stroboscopic) and then just a long BIIIIIP and normal boot after that ...

    Tried many times, any hints ?
    Thx a lot

    Did you check your current firmware revision against the update? Maybe your firmware is already up to date.

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  • ablack774
    Dec 28, 08:03 PM
    AT&T should have really have sorted out all those problems by now considering the length of time the iphone has been out. Just about everywhere in the world exclusivity has ended or just about to end, hopefully Verizon will get the iphone. AT&T has really damaged the iphones reputation and probably put more people off buying the iphone and going for a alternative. :apple:


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  • OutThere
    May 5, 07:26 PM
    I'm no PC hater, but I do find these comparisons to be kind of amusing. I always come back to thinking about the comparison in terms of cars. A Toyota and an Audi are both going to easily put in 100,000 miles of reasonably reliable service, get you to and from work, and cruise comfortably on the highway. They'll both get the job done. The Audi is more expensive, and you can argue over whether spending the extra money is worth it, but there's not much argument to be made over which is the 'nicer' car.

    The materials you touch on your average PC laptop feel decidedly cheap, which is understandable if you don't want to spend much money on your computer. For something I use and enjoy using every day, like a car, a computer, a couch, a pair of pants, a cell phone, whatever...I'm willing to pay a little extra for the good stuff. My choice. Show me a non-Apple laptop with a trackpad that will, after 2 or more years, still be just as smooth and easy to use as when it was new. Really, the trackpad is my biggest point of interaction with my laptop on a daily basis...a 3 year old trackpad on almost any PC will have been polished to a shine in the middle and lost its smooth gliding texture. I paid a premium for a premium product, so be it. Yes, I could have saved $500 by buying an HP. I could also save $30 and buy wal-mart jeans.

    That said, I use a core2quad tower with windows 7 at work every day, and it gets the job done. The OS is stable, functional and reasonably elegant. It works, it doesn't make me want to break the monitor over my knee like XP used to, and I'm just as productive as I would be on a mac. I do, however, notice a few little things every day that remind me why I use a mac at home.

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  • iDutchman
    Mar 17, 12:01 PM
    The gas price (EURO95) as of today (Netherlands):

    €1,675/Liter <--> €6,35/US Gallon

    €6,35=$8,90/US Gallon.

    So.. It's always been expensive but this is bad.


    The picture that is shown tells you how much cheaper (in %) the other countries are (compared to The Netherlands).

    --- goedkoper=cheaper --- Verenigd Koninkrijk= UK --- Griekenland=Greece --- Oostenrijk=Austria


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  • mlblacy
    Mar 18, 07:05 AM
    The one in bold is what I see the most. I've done photography for years and see new people get into the game and worry about the wrong things. Photoshop being one of them. Photoshop shouldn't even come to someones mind.

    Learn the camera, learn composition, learn lighting, learn photographic techniques to get what you want such as second curtain sync, hyperfocal distancing, etc. Once you can get it done right in camera then you can take it to the next level in photoshop (skin smoothing, removing hair wisps, correcting lens distortion, etc.).

    Too many people want to be a pro right out of the gate, they buy photoshop, get a NAPP membership, a fancy computer (that is 99% of the time overkill), raid storage when they've only shot 500 pictures, etc but never bother to learn the fundamentals.

    I'm all for learning on Digital, I think it helps someone learn better, but focus on learning the most important and fundamental things first, then learn about the post processing. A picture can still look fantastic without running it through photoshop.

    These days much of the craftsmanship that used to take place in the darkroom coaxing a master print from a negative now takes place digitally. A technically well exposed frame can still produce a crappy print at the end of a less skilled artist. Conversely, technical perfection (second curtain sync, hyperfocal distancing gobbledygook) has very little to do with art, or even creativity. Great "art" these days is even being shot on a cellphone.

    Both camps (the technical-crats & the ones who are blissfully unaware of the minutiae) can produce "great" work.

    Many beginners suffer from the same bad pshop skills (hey, look... I can make grass grow on his head, no make that two heads) and mistakes that beginning designers can (hey look, I can make EACH letter a different color, and a different font).

    All that being said, if I was teaching beginning photographers I would remove almost everything to start (camera, lens, etc.) and go primitive and start with building pinhole cameras. Then I would progress to the end point which would be post-processing. Post-processing is huge though...

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  • gloss
    Nov 11, 07:04 AM
    I think it varies from Japanese guy to Japanese guy.

    Wow, just like in America!

    What a small world.

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  • Cerano
    Apr 23, 10:00 AM
    Or maybe people who simply prefer the 320 over the 3000?

    I like to do some light gaming on-the-go, and while I have my M11x for that, I mostly carry around my Air now.

    Before you tell me that the 3000 isn't as bad as I make it out to be, I have a 2011 13" Pro (i7-2.7/4/HD3000). CODMW2 on Medium settings on that, I can barely eke out 20fps while I can get 30 on my Air (although I did slightly OC the 320M).
    nice and the new MBA version of the HD IGP will be even lower clocked and the slower processor will only make it worse

    Jan 6, 03:34 PM
    so then how will it work exactly when i turn all the PN's on? Will i get alerts in the form of a text message? or will it have a little number in the corner of the app??

    It's a sound, "text message" box, and "badge" (a little number on the icon for the app). Or any combination that you choose.

    It is not a traditional text message. It won't show up in your SMS, and you don't have to delete it. It's just a notification.

    Apr 15, 10:13 PM
    i don't think we can do 'pass it on' thing on this forum. but we do need more involvement.

    i know a lot of people on this forum have some very nice computer power. and i'm sure they do use them 24/7 either. we could be a great team. i'm doing all i can already

    Thats great, I'm doing all I can to at the moment. Might not be able to cope with all that PPD as it is a laptop doing it all :D My goal is to get to 100k in points then to get into the top 100 :)

    Remember all those who join, team number is 3446.

    Sep 6, 09:08 PM
    hilarious, seriously...

    Apr 5, 09:02 AM
    Apple would not put a capacitive home button. If anything, they'd remove the home button all together and use some of the new gestures that appeared briefly in iOS 4.3 to multitask and go home.

    Have fun using those on a 3.5" or 4" screen.

    Full of Win
    Apr 1, 09:18 AM
    The channels that do not participate are just inching that much more toward obscurity.

    Just recently we cancelled the cable subscription (still have KylinTV IPTV) for lack of use. Only one TV show was watched per week, and that can be purchased on iTunes in a superior format to what we got via cable, for a fraction of the cost of cable.

    If my provider had an app like this, we would have stayed subscribed. Its arcane to sit down in front of a screen at a predetermined time to watch programming, it really is.

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