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Thursday, June 16, 2011

ice t and coco kids

images powa! powa! POWA! 8D 0 ice t and coco kids. 77612177 Quick Quotes: Ice T
  • 77612177 Quick Quotes: Ice T

  • freakin_gc
    01-31 12:57 PM
    Please let me know whether my I-140 will be approved under EB3.I have 3 year bachelors degree(Maths) from India and 2yr diploma from Aptech. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated

    Column 14

    Grade School : 8 years
    High School : 4 years
    College : 4 years

    College Degree(Required) : Bachelor's Degree
    Major Fied of Study : Computer Science*

    Column 15

    Travel and/or relocation required

    *compluter Applications, Computer Information Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, Mathematcis, Physics or its foriegn Education Equivalent. Will accept any suitable combination of Education , training or expeirence in lieu of stated requirements.

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  • 2 of 11. Mrs.

  • pd_recapturing
    04-04 03:25 PM
    It also talks about 180 days rule. On the other hand, they are still sending denial notices to ppl whose 140 have been revoked by the employer.

    "In most cases, the job offer in the Form I-140 must remain valid and available to the alien beneficiary until s/he obtains permanent resident status. In some limited circumstances, the law allows adjustment applicants to change employers without interrupting their eligibility for adjustment of status if the Form I-140 has been approved and the adjustment application has been pending for at least 180 days. USCIS recognizes that some workers may want to take advantage of this provision in the law and has increased its emphasis on processing the underlying employer petitions independent of the availability of a visa for the finalization of the adjustment of status application"

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  • Ice-T and CoCo-T are up to

  • Berkeleybee
    05-17 01:35 PM
    I listened to President's speech last Monday on immigration.But,he did not mention anything about legal immigration issues. I think ,we should send a memorandum or mass letter from each members of IV to the President.

    We should communicate our problems. If everybody sends letter to the IV Team and they can submit all the letters to the President's Office. What do you think ? Any comments ? Is there any better way of communicating to the President ?


    The president's speech was focusing on undocumented worker and border security issues because those are the issues that might bring this current version of CIR down.

    Our issues are relatively non-controversial. We also know that the White House is absolutely aware of our issues and fully supportive.


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  • Ice-T and Coco renew their

  • signin241
    04-04 02:36 PM
    My wife couldn't file her 485 as we got married in September. That's why I've to wait for her to get a valid visa (H1 if her file is picked in the lottery), else
    F1 later.

    Then If I use EAD, Is there any risk to her or myself ??

    Is it Possible for me to come back to H1 once I start using EAD. (I have H1 valid till November 2010). ??

    Thanks again for your response.


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  • Ice T and Coco renewed their

  • perm2gc
    08-24 10:22 PM
    If I were you, I would read the "captions" before responding.:mad: come out of box dude

    ice t and coco kids. Ice-T and his wife Nicole
  • Ice-T and his wife Nicole

  • sujan_vatrapu
    01-22 02:30 PM
    Why should we fight about every issue that is posted? Cant we debate it like mature people? This tendency to fight (and get emotional) over irrelevant issues will not help us any better.

    Most of us in this immigration thread are academically oriented. And I believe that this can be attributed to the way in which we were molded in our early life. Most of our parents would stress academic excellence over athletic and artistic abilities. They made all our choices all the way to college and maybe beyond. They would always trump every argument with the statement, "We know what is best for you."

    That said, I think the comparison between western and eastern parenting in US is not completely fair. The section of Indians & Chinese immigrants in US are educated and were probably at the top of their classes in their respective countries. They excelled academically and it helped them (us) immigrate and be part of the successful strata of this country. We cannot compare these immigrants with the Western population as a whole. We should compare eastern and western parenting techniques among parents with similar backgrounds.

    Successful American families produce successful kids. This is also true for families of all races. Each set of parents have their own method.

    Getting greencard is not everything. We have lives beyond the greencard. We have (or will have) kids and have a responsibility towards raising them to give them the best possible skills (academic, artistic & social) to thrive in their lives. And a mature discussion in parenting methods is useful.

    I urge everyone of you to make your arguments and highlight relative merits & de-merits. You may also argue whether this discussion has merit or not. But no name calling.


    i totally agree, we should always listen to people with different opinions which makes us more rational, i also agree with your point that we should not compare NRIs with general population here, parenting in every culture has its pros and cons, we should look at each of it and take out good,


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-13 09:56 AM
    People on here mentioned that there was a special provision for a a further 3 month wait for the director of immigration studies to examine it. Is that true?

    Now is 90 days a normal wait time, or is there something special in this bill?

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  • garyzero
    06-06 03:26 PM
    Never heard of this contest?? Looks like a few good one's there.

    I love the Monkey from Family Guy!!!


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  • Ice-T Loves Coco AND Her

  • dionysus
    01-16 07:53 PM
    Earlier, INS used to be very lenient with H1B transfer without current paystubs. I know of cases where people got H1 transfered without having paystubs for more than a year!

    However, seems like of late CIS has woken up to the shady practices of H1 consultant body shops, and is aware of the fact that many consultants are living in this country without working and without paystubs. So they are becoming more stringent with regards to paystub evidence.

    I also have a feeling that most such requests are coming from Vermont service center where many H1 petitions are hanging.

    To answer your question, in the absence of any paystubs, prepare a nice letter to CIS explaining the situation, and then leave it to your destiny. US immigration processes like H1 and GC always had an element of chance in it. It is always helpful to be ready for any eventuality in such a dicey game.

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  • kirupa
    03-27 01:30 AM
    gesfox - added :)


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  • ice t Ice T Arrested,

  • karthiknv143
    07-16 01:49 PM
    r there any updates to anything ? :eek:

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  • pappu
    02-25 07:13 PM
    Please, the date does not mean what it should mean. Otherwise nobody can explain the fact that this date can go backwards. For TSC, it went back from May 24 to April 10.

    The dates do mean something. While it does not mean anyone after the processing date will not be processed, people before these processing dates get a chance to raise a service request due to these processing times. Service centers project dates based on their workload. Lot of people are now eligible for AOS benefits due to the recent namecheck Memo. The EB3 ROW dates have also moved ahead in March Bulletin. There was a huge June , July rush of applications last year. All that may slow down the processing dates. IV has recently raised the issue of processing with USCIS and we are expecting some details be made public in the coming days.


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  • admin
    04-03 07:37 AM
    Great fact sheet. It should list people like Andy Grove, Jerry Yang, and Sergey Brin - Hungarian, Chinese and Russian co-founders of Intel, Yahoo and Google - all immigrants.


    Thanks for your interest. We did consider all three of them but when we did more research, we found that all three of them did not get their Green Card on EB category. They had come here because their parents had come here.

    qvadis, Thanks for pointing out Andy Bechtolsheim and Safi Qureshey.

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  • Angelina Jolie has enough kids

  • tikka
    06-22 09:39 AM
    is a TB skin test neccessary even if you tell the doc you've had a history of positive TB tests? do i have to prove i've had a history of postive TB test for the doctor to remark that on i-693..or can he just remark that without evidence and go on my word


    Your chest xray was negative so you are fine.
    To file for the 485 the skin test is a requirement. The doc has to prick you on your arm and in 48 hours you have the results.

    You need him to sign off on the results.


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  • govind440
    08-29 10:28 PM
    Hi frnds,

    I used to work for a company A in california.. Boss is kind of using very bad language constantly and torchers almost everyday. Is there any1 who can help me out or has similar situations. Is there any1 that i can file a complain. Since he knew that I am on H1B and international student he was continuously abusing. any help would appreciated.


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  • kondur_007
    02-15 06:26 PM
    I have the same query:

    Permit: using EAD and calling AC21
    Role: exactly the same.
    Salary: large difference (bayarea vs small city in under developed state) due to the prevailing wage at the new location is far lower.

    Experts please advice.

    As discussed above with cyrus mehta's blog: This is all discretionary:

    My definition f discretionary: "You need a good lawyer which can wrap your sandwich in "golden wrap" and sell it for $45 instead of seeling it in a "brown bag" for $3.75. It's the same sandwich!!" It sounds harsh, but that's the reality when you deal with a demon called "Law and Lawyers".

    Simple version: have it worded by a good lawyer to justify it and make it "same or similar". It is the "wrap" that determines the "price".

    Good Luck.


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  • agupta_13
    04-22 07:32 PM
    I am employeed in IT consultancy, and wants to change my employement as a permenent employee of the client.
    When i told this to my employeer he is telling me that he can file a lawsuite against my Client(New Employeer) on the bases of Small Business Administantion laws, stated below

    Although the contract does not specifically state that the client cannot hire the contractor (you) on a permanent job, it also does not state that the client can. Current Employeer comes under the category of the 'Small Business Administration' under the State and the Federal Governments. Both governments fully support the growth and looks after the interests of small businesses in the country. They have always done it and are even more supportive lately as a result of the struggle small businesses are undergoing in these bad economic times. I have been advised by the company attorney that I contracted you to the client purely on professional and ethical grounds for the benefit of Current Employeer business. If a giant company like Client just takes you away to their advantage, it may not be looked upon favorably by a small business court.

    Below is what is in the contract between my Employeer and Client.

    1. This agreement is for the sole purposes of providing the services of the Contractor�s employee XXX to (Client).
    2. Contractor will be an independent contractor of Company and will work on a Client assignment.
    3. Company will pay $XX.00 per hour to Contractor for all the hours of work and expenses approved by Client.
    4. All time and expenses should be entered into client�s system and should be approved by the concerned manager or project manager.
    5 Company will not pay contractor for any time and expenses not authorized and not approved by Client.
    6. Contractor shall be solely responsible for the quality of work performed.
    7. Payment terms shall be XX days net and will be made on a bi-weekly basis.
    8. The start date and the length of assignment will be determined by Client, and Company shall let the Contractor know in writing before the date on which the consultant starts working for the Client.
    9. Contractor reserves the right to offer consultant�s services to other clients until such time the Company and the Contractor executes this agreement as well as a project work order.
    10. This is the only agreement between the Contractor and the Company. Changes can be made in writing only and have to be signed by both parties to be effective.
    11. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Texas.
    12. Either party can terminate this contract by giving 2 week�s written notice, via email or physical mail. The notifying party must obtain proof of delivery of such notification to the other party.

    Can any one tell if there is any possibility of that

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  • immigrationvoice1
    12-09 10:00 PM
    I know many people who're going for part-time MBA, including myself. A good way of making best out of a stagnant career phase while waiting for GC.

    Please post the URL of the school you are attending.

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  • benbear
    11-08 03:49 PM
    If this 655K number of AOS is true, then the number of pending EB AOS is NOT big.

    The total number of pending AOS in June, right before the July VB fiasco, is 597K.

    Because DOS controls FB cut off date pretty well, we don�t expect receiving spike and approving spike for FB cases in July VB fiasco. In another word, the number of FB received cases and the number of FB approved cases
    should be about same.

    EB pending cases in September only grows (655K-597K= 58K) compared with the number in June.

    This 58K cases probably are evenly distributed from 2001 to 2007, roughly10K
    every year.

    So, we should see big jump in EB Visa bulletin, since there are no BEC, 245i excuses any more and all the cases are in the hand of USCIS.

    per USCIS released information approx 655K AOS pending application as of end of Sept 2007.

    It's also has 281K EAD & 188K AP pending applications.

    So long way to go for GC journey...

    Source: http://www.uscis.gov/files/article/APPLICATIONS%20FOR%20IMMIGRATION%20BENEFITS_Septem ber07.pdf

    06-02 04:17 PM
    can i get a h1 done from a desi employer just to protect the h4 status and join the other company thats offering me a job with my ead.

    the h1 from the desi employer will not be having pay stubs but thats only to get h1 status.

    As Kaiserose pointed out the H1 quota is done for the year and will not open till April next year and start in Oct 2009 . Considering that you do get an H1 for your wife next year , make sure that she is working coz while applying for her I-485 they might ask for W2's and paystubs for her ( an H1 person cannot be without pay for such an extended period of time ).

    Going on F1 is a good idea but I think for that you have to go back to your home country and get it stamped and come back ( can someone confirm this ?? ). This new regulation was put in place due to the security measures after 2001 . But best confirm with your lawyer.

    01-22 05:49 PM
    There should be a way to appeal. Talk to your employer and attorney and get their advice. Until you get the paper/reason for denial, you may not get solid advice. But in the mean while, get all the documents ready, like pay stubs, tax docs, client letter, contract docs, etc... That way you will have all needed docs in hand and can appeal the denial as soon as you get the denial reason.

    Are you working full-time or consulting? If it is consulting, then may the latest employer-employee relationship memo played its role.

    Key is stay calm and consider every possible way. Your fellow IV-ians here can feel the pain that you go through. We wish your issue gets resolved quickly.

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