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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • grupak
    03-24 12:44 PM
    Windows Media: http://wamu.org/audio/wamu.asx
    Real Audio: http://wamu.org/audio/wamu.ram
    MP3: http://wamu.org/audio/wamu.m3u

    Mark Bartosik, Software Engineer; Member, Immigration Voice

    Good interview Mark!

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  • ganam
    10-03 10:07 PM
    Thank you.

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    01-04 07:26 PM
    I also left a top 10 Indian company while on a US deputation and they are holding my PF, gratuity etc. They have been asking me to pay approx 12-15K USD to settle things.

    I have no clue how to recover my PF money which would be atleast 6-7K USD based on my 63 months of employment with them.

    Gurus, can someone shed some light on this. Has anyone resigned from so called top 10 indian companies which make you sign those bonds, and then ask you to come back to India and serve 3-6 months. How to recover PF etc from those indian companies if you do not sign off on good terms. For me, they say settle the a/c first and we will process your PF.

    shed some light please

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  • andhrawala
    09-16 04:24 PM


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  • basav
    08-04 02:30 PM
    Awaiting for the response from experts, kindly help.

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  • estrela21
    02-08 11:52 PM
    As gsc999 said peoples here mostly know about "Employment Based GC" not much about "Family Based GC" .... Still few questions if we can guide you to the right place...

    a) What is your current Immigration Status ?
    b) Do you have SSN ?
    c) Forget about he goes to Jail/not is it impossible to get your "Marriage Certified" or at least put the Application before March 31st ? You have almost 51 days ...Based on that a lawyer can guide you but if you dont have a Marriage Certficate no one can really help... You know !

    d) Lets the Justice system decide he goes to Jail or not but if unfortunately he is convicted and goes to Jail for 18 months do you want to live/continue your marriage with him after he comes out ?

    e) Based on Marriage with US Citizen they give you "conditional GC" - and they would verify after 2-3 years if your marriage is a "Bonafide Marriage" etc... and then only give you a "unconditional GC"

    That's why you will see those fake "immigration marriage" start giving problem after 2-3 years and end up in mutual Divorce. Be cautious about converting you GC to a regular "unconditional GC" .

    Good Luck !

    thank you....so much


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  • rishikesh75
    11-09 10:47 AM
    Luckily I had all but the 1st one when I entered in US. Please see the format letter below [please note that I am copying the format from a word doc & may not display correctly

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    In response to your letter requesting evidence for FORM I-131. Please find below mentioned details.

    a. Copies of all I-94 issued- I do not have copy of I-94 that was issued to me on <>Date (my first arrival in US on H1). The original I-94 was returned to airline official at the time of boarding the flight.

    The following entries are in TAB format
    Date of Entry mm/DD/yyyy
    Date of Exit mm/DD/yyyy
    I-94 # NA
    Copy Avail? N
    Remarks Original I-94 was handed over to airlines staff at the time of boarding [Departed by flight xxx ]. To support my claim, please see attached passport copy that shows arrival record in India on <xxx> [pages 3-4]

    b. Approval notices for extensions or change of Status- My original H1 [XXXX] expired on [XXX]. An H1 renewal notice was filed on [XXXX] and was approved on [XXX] [WAC-XXX]. I am attaching copies of both the approval notices.

    c. Any other Evidence of your lawful immigrations status: I am attaching a copy of approved I-140 [SRC-XXX] and a copy of I-485 filing receipt [WAC-XXXX]

    d. Evidence of relationship: I am attaching the following documents
    1. Copy of my birth certificate
    2. Copy of my marriage certificate

    Thanks & Regards,

    <Your Name>
    1. Passport copy pages displaying the visa issued ,date of entries to US on H1 and displaying the date of arrival in India [6 pages]
    2. Copies of H1 approval & extension approval notice [2 pages]
    3. Copies of I-94’s issued [5 pages]
    4. Copy of I-140 approval [1 pages]
    5. Copy of I-485 filing receipt [1 pages]
    6. Copy of birth certificate [1 page]
    7. Copy of marriage certificate [1 page]

    Hope this helps

    QUOTE=MYGCBY2010;193771]How did you respond to your RFE?.. Did you have copies of all of your I -94 ?.. Please let me know...[/QUOTE]

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  • yabadaba
    07-23 09:52 AM
    ne thots from core?


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  • Ramg
    04-09 09:54 PM
    Dear All,

    We have applied for our 485 in August 07 with myself as Primary applicant and my wife as dependent. My wife later got her H1B in october but we haven't updated her status as H1b to USCIS in the 485 processing. Recently we moved to a new place and wanted to change the address online. I suppose I and my wife have to fill the Ar-11 form individually. When trying to fill for my wife, I got some questions.

    Please clarify:

    1. I am in the United States as a ___ (Should this blank be filled with H4 or H1B for my wife? If I say H1b will there be any problem as I added her to my GC process as a H4. Also, should her employer details be given in the form?
    2. Copy number from Alien card? Is this the I-94 number or passport number or alien number on the finger printing sheet?
    3. If not a permanent resident, my stay in US expires on ____ (Should this be the same date as her H1B end date?)

    I really appreciate any help on these questions at the earliest. It will be 10th day tomm. after moving into new place and I just noticed that the form ar-11 says that USCIS must be notified of address change within 10 days of moving.

    Please help me clarify these questions.

    Thank you,

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  • guyfromsg
    07-17 11:09 PM

    Thanks for the link. My lawyer didn't explain clearly why he filed in Texas. This document says even though direct filing is effective July 30th you can still file to the appropriate service center. I reside in GA and so TSC is the right one. Thanks again.


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  • drirshad
    04-20 02:59 AM

    Thursday, April 19, 2007
    Crystal ball gazing ........

    Everyone wants us to put on our genie�s hat, gaze into our crystal ball, and try to predict what is going to happen in the next few months. So here it goes �

    Congress is set to debate CIR in May. HLG thinks that there is a reasonable chance that one house of Congress passes CIR in the May/June time frame. And that the other house of Congress passes another CIR in June/July. With some negotiation, a compromise CIR bill could be on the president�s desk by the middle of the summer � say July.

    In addition, we are also actively courting the bridge legislation that we�ve mentioned many times. HLG was privy to a meeting that took place just this week with a senior staffer in an important Senator�s office. The challenge here is to find the right must-pass legislation that can serve as a host.

    Putting this all together HLG is slightly raising our latest estimate. We�re willing to print that there is a 60% chance that either CIR or Bridge legislation is passed and signed by the President by August 1. Whenever a bill is passed it will likley take an additional 30-60 days before the first visas are issued.

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  • samsu
    03-22 08:31 AM

    My Situation is very similar to above mentioned and I would appreciate if someone can give comments.

    My I-485 was filed during July'07 and I-140 was approved during the same time but I was on H1 until Feb'10 working for employer directly and lost my job. I have found new job now starting March 15 but I am not going to transfer H1 and started working on EAD. I am not sure about filling AC21 as it might create unnecessary confusion and I don't want to miss out in case my date become current (Nov'06) due to spill over.
    Now, I have to travel internationally for work and will be using first time my AP but not sure how to answer question on my employer without filling AC21.

    I can bring AC21 memo and show them paycheck from last employer and new employer (with little more than one month gap in between) but not sure if that is enough. Let me know your suggestion.

    Also, my old employer will most likely not revoke 140.



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  • TheCanadian
    11-25 03:16 AM
    You probably noticed, but that's what he is doing. :dilbert:
    No I sure didn`t :thumb2:

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  • Karthikthiru
    08-01 11:16 PM
    We all have to keep assuming like this only. The only way is to lobby and increase the the VISA numbers per year. So we all should show up on the Sep 13th rally and show our strength



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  • MYGCBY2010
    11-09 10:39 AM
    Do not worry about RFE on AP. I was and am in the same situation (NSC->CSC->TSC) . ND was Sep 19; got my EAD; RFE on AP (for me & flmy) & no FP. RFE was asking to submit all copies of I-94's ever issued to be, proof of relationship (birth , marriage cert). Yest , on the website saw that our AP was approved :D.

    For the FP notice, called them & managed to speak with an IO. She advised me to wait for 60 dyas after the 485 ND.

    How did you respond to your RFE?.. Did you have copies of all of your I -94 ?.. Please let me know...

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  • GCPagla
    03-15 02:07 PM

    I would like to get you expert's opinion, before I pull the final string. My GC had been filed in EB2 with PD on Feb 26 2007. My 140 has been approved on April 2008. My 485 was filed during 2007 fiasco. I work for one of the big 3car company in Detroit as a consultant and situation is changing fast here, compelling me to search shelter somewhere else.

    Luckily I got an offer from a new employer which is enticing me two pull the trick of Ac21. But before I do so, I would like to get your kind advise on the following points.

    a) My Job title is programmer Analyst with my current employer but in the offer letter of the future employer is is given as "Sr. java developer". Does this title change matters? The new employer has agreed to give me the Ac21 letter with same job duty description.

    b) The salary increase in the job is almost 50%. Do you think this causes any red flag.

    c) The company size of the new employer is much small than the current employer. Is this OK.

    I am really depending on you people's expertise. Any help will really make me confident about this change.



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  • sury
    11-17 03:59 PM
    This turned out to be FP notice.

    I moved to new place before I have recieved FP notice. My Attorney sent their copy and I finished FP.

    The FP notice copy which I recieved earlier at my old address is returned to USCIS and they have re-sent it to my new address......which is nothing but updated as "Document mailed to Applicant" online in USCIS website

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  • leoindiano
    07-09 02:03 PM

    Here's what uscis said...

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  • chmur
    09-21 01:46 AM
    What is it anyway?

    That's what one feels like

    01-17 06:03 PM
    this is all I found on the EAD Instructions...

    Replacement EAD: If this is your replacement applicationand you are applying under one of the following categories, afiling fee is not required:
    1. (c)(l), (c)(4), or (c)(7) Dependent of certain foreigngovernment, international organization, or NATOpersonnel.
    Form I-765 Instructions (Rev. 07/30/07) Y Page 8
    1. The check or money order must be drawn on a bank orother financial institution located in the United Statesand must be payable in U.S. currency; and
    USCIS will use the Poverty Guidelines published annually bythe Department of Health and Human Services as the basiccriteria in determining the applicant's eligibility wheneconomic necessity is identified as a factor.
    The Poverty Guidelines will be used as a guide, but not as aconclusive standard, in adjudicating fee waiver requests foremployment authorization applications requiring a fee.
    You may be eligible for a fee waiver under 8 CFR 103.7(c).
    Incorrect Card: No fee is required if you are filing onlybecause the card issued to you was incorrect due to a USCISadministrative error. However, if the error was not caused byUSCIS, both application and biometrics fees are required

    11-23 08:49 PM
    @sameer2730 :

    So when you made the mistake "Country Of Citizenship" on your EAD eFile, how did you get that corrected? Did you send in a "Request For Correction" along with your supporting documentation to USCIS? Did they send you an RFE or did they accept your docs and approved your EAD?
    Sent the request for correction with my supporting documents.

    -- I have done the same mistake, so can you please tell what exactly you did. I mean did you call the helpline and is there any format in which we need to "Request for correction".

    And once you sent the "Request for Correction", was it ok. Or is there any problem with the correction.

    Please help me with your advice. I am completely in dilemma as to what needs to done..

    Thanks in advance..

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