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Friday, June 17, 2011


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  • Libra
    08-10 03:08 PM
    from your signature it says you contributed and you voted 'no', am i missing something here?


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  • GC08
    01-28 04:16 PM
    Yeah right... he wants your brain, but does not want your body. Got it? :rolleyes:

    In case you did not, Americans only want you to come to work for them and then you will need to leave... so that they do not have to pay your social security down the road. Isn't that a good deal?

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  • Libra
    08-10 03:08 PM
    from your signature it says you contributed and you voted 'no', am i missing something here?


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  • nk2006
    07-20 12:48 PM
    From the website [url]2. There is also per country limit. (I don't know what is the exact % for per country - think 10 -20 %)
    3. If you count 20 % then for India the figure per year is 28000.

    Current per country limit is 7% (9800 for all EB categories).


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  • mmanurker
    12-08 06:38 PM
    vet04, Unfortunatly I dont have an answer to your question but if you dont mind can u pls let us know more about your current job so that I can start looking at your current job as an option for me incase if I get a green card. I am serious and not kidding. I want to know who is paying
    200k salary in this job market and what is the job requirement for that.

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  • knowDOL
    05-19 02:18 PM
    I have not heard of anyone filing I485 without notifying the sponsoring employer and if it is feasible to do like that. however, there is nothing wrong in finding the I485 form in uscis.gov website and read through the info. May be you will get some idea on what you want to get it done is something possible or not. good luck. Think coolly. have some coffee or mint.


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  • tinuverma
    03-17 01:44 PM
    Thanks for the response Tom. What if I want to use my EAD card and not do an H1 transfer. Is that going to be a problem?

    There is no requirement for number of employees. You need to make sure the company is financially capable to do H1. You must make sure you get salary equal or above the salary offered in your LC. And also the job duties are same or similar.

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  • ChainReaction
    02-21 12:15 PM

    that is for last month updated jan 17,2007 not for feb?


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  • raju123
    06-26 02:51 PM
    Numberusa reported following possible 24 amendments and Cantwell/Kyl amendment is not there. I hope this news is not right.

    Democratic Amendments

    * Dodd-Menendez S.A. 1199: would increase the annual cap on green cards for parents and extend the parent visitor visa.
    * Webb S.A. 1313: Community ties for [amnesty]
    * Baucus-Tester S.A. 1236: would strike all reference[s] to REAL ID.
    * Sanders-Grassley S.A. 1332 : prohibits companies that have announced mass lay-offs from receiving any new visas, unless these companies could prove that overall employment at their companies would not be reduced by these lay-offs.
    * Byrd-Gregg-Cochran S.A. 1344: adds a $500 fee to obtain [amnesty] and sets aside the revenues collected in order to fund border and interior enforcement.
    * Menendez-Obama-Feingold S.A. 1317: increases family points in merit system
    * Brown S.A. 1340: requires that before employers can be approved to employ Y-1 workers, they must have listed the specific job opportunity with the state employment service agency.
    * McCaskill S.A. 1468: increases ban on federal contracts, grants or cooperative agreements to employers who are repeat violators of hiring immigrants who are not authorized to work
    * Levin-Brownback S.A.1486: gives access to Iraqis to apply for refugee status under existing U.S. law.
    * Leahy S.A. 1386: protect scholars who have been persecuted in their home countries on account of their beliefs, scholarship, or identity.
    * Schumer: provides for tamper-proof biometric social security cards
    * Boxer S.A. 1198: reduces Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

    Republican Amendments

    * Alexander S.A. 1161: requires DHS and the Department of State to notify a foreign embassy when one of their nationals has become a U.S. citizen
    * Bond S.A. 1255: prohibits green cards for [illegal aliens granted amnesty]
    * Coleman S.A. 1473: outlaws state and local policies that prevent public officials * including police and health and safety workers (except for emergency medical assistance)*from inquiring about the immigration status of those they serve if there is �probable cause� to believe the individual being questioned is undocumented.
    * Domenici S.A. 1335/1258: increases Federal judgeships
    * Ensign S.A. 1490: redetermines work history for current beneficiaries of social security depending on their citizenship status
    * Graham S.A. 1465: enforcement. Still being drafted.
    * Grassley-Baucus-Obama S.A. 1441: strikes and replaces Title III on employer enforcement
    * Hutchinson S.A. 1440: changes the �touchback� requirement from the time of applying for adjustment of status, as it currently stands in the Senate proposed bill, to the time of applying for the Z visa. Increases the number of individuals required to touchback
    * Thune S.A. 1174: prevents [illegal aliens] from [being granted amnesty] until all triggers have been met.
    * Chambliss S.A. 1318: Totalization agreements
    * Isakson S.A. 1282: Preemption/Home Depot
    * Graham: Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

    There is a news in news article thread that Senators Cantwell & Kyl have proposed a amendment which will open up a parallel employer sponsored GC path. Anyone has information regarding this amendment?

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  • iad2ead
    09-17 09:17 PM
    One of my friend's collegue had issues in getting his citizenship because he changed
    job in less than 6 months of getting GC. Don't know too many details but I know that
    citizenship will have issues..so pls check it out.



    I recieved my green card last month through Consular Processing and now getting a good offer. Is it OK to join another company just after 1 month of green card or I should wait for some more time. NEED SUGGESTIONS from experts:D


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  • conchshell
    07-29 05:39 PM
    By now its almost evident that the CR's for retrogression, per country limit. and STEM related degrees are actually are not going anywhere. Understandably it was CHC (Congressional Hispanic Caucus) and republican leadership that blocked the road to legal immigration relief.

    Its almost beyond my analytical power to find out why CHC blocked our way? CHC treated us as hostages to get their demands. They were successful with their threat that either it will be amnesty to illegals or absolutely nothing.

    So this though struck my mind: what is our stand as far as illegal immigration is concerned. Even though we may not support/recommend further illegal immigration, what is our stand on granting amnesty to illegals already living in this country.

    So do we:
    1. Completely oppose amnesty to illegals immigrants currently living in USA
    2. Support amnesty to illegals immigrants currently living in USA
    3. Support amnesty to illegals immigrants currently living in USA, as long as they do not stand ahead of legal immigrants in the queue.
    4. Support amnesty to illegals immigrants currently living in USA, if CHC and other similar organizations support us for our much sought immigration reforms.
    5. Only support Guest Worker Program type of thing, which allows people to enter on work visas and further backlog the employment based GC queues.

    Is it going to help us if we shake hands with CHC and other similar organizations, if they support us? I mean if we can't defeat them why don't we join forces with them to get what we want. Please remember that legal immigration reform bills always try to piggy back on CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reforms) type of bills where illegal immigration/amnesty is focal point of discussion, rather than other way around.

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  • gondalguru
    07-08 07:53 PM
    As tax returns are filed online now (I used turbotax).... do u need to attach all the 1099s (1099 div, 1099 misc etc) that u get from bank, brokers etc to 1040 forms???


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  • yabadaba
    06-22 09:38 AM
    is a TB skin test neccessary even if you tell the doc you've had a history of positive TB tests? do i have to prove i've had a history of postive TB test for the doctor to remark that on i-693..or can he just remark that without evidence and go on my word

    u need evidence. in writing.

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  • americandesi
    09-10 12:05 AM
    Hi - How to complain to USCIS about a fradulant company, What would be the affect of the complain on the employee ? Please advise and provide with any information. I know abot a cheater who exploites innocent students, are there any threads or blogs where there is informtion about fradulant companies, I guess there should be thread about such kind of companes and people running them, so that people do not get into their trap..


    Here's the form to complain H1 violations to DOL.


    If you are on H1, better to get it transferred to another employer before complaining, so that your old employer doesn't retaliate by withdrawing your H1.


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  • perm2gc
    08-24 10:22 PM
    If I were you, I would read the "captions" before responding.:mad: come out of box dude

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  • GCisLottery
    01-25 04:47 PM
    Please do not quote T(oilet paper) o(f) I(ndia)



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  • dhesha
    08-21 03:08 PM
    It is my turn to receive the "Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident" today. My depenedents are yet to receive this mail. This forum, Immigration-law, Immigration portal by Rajiv Khanna and many other immigration lawyers' websites like Murthy's etc were very useful to understand the immigration laws.
    I did everything myself (EB2-NIW - India) - I140, I485, AP and EAD and my PD (I140 RD) and I485 RD are 09-29-2005.
    I did make a one time conribution of $100.00 to IV.
    Thanks a lot. All the best to all.
    You are saying ur PD was Sec 2005? Mine is Dec 2005. Should I also expect it sometime soon :)?

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  • hebbar77
    09-20 10:03 PM
    Atleast we see the green card at a distant horizon. People who want to start with PERM now are told by a lawyer that it might take a year for PERM alone, and upto 8 years before they see the CARRRRRD.

    I just got my EAD. I will assume its my GC.

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  • rolrblade
    07-20 03:02 PM
    Use G325A since it has four pages. Each page will be sent to different places written at the left bottom of each page. My lawyer sent me G325A.

    I disagree. if you read the instructions on Form I-485 it clearly states nder the inital evidence that you are required to submit Form G325A. No where did they mention GA 325.

    So if i were you, I would agree to the earlier post to submit the G325A along with all your details in a letter or wait for a receipt.

    Consult your attorney.

    06-14 10:52 AM
    Hi RC, that's just a nickname.
    My PD is April 2002. At Nebraska Service Center, I was able to file the I-485 on Feb 2005 and from there we've got our EAD.

    Yes, I know what you are saying about the one income, three people. There are many things to consider. We prefer that my wife invests more time parenting my child, therefore she is working only part-time. Part-time jobs typically are low income. It is hard to put your 1-3 year old child in a daycare full-time, you know. It is not the same than when you take care of your child, at least in my opinion.

    If you ever come to Seattle, just send me a private message and we can organize something here.

    Hi Marlon,

    BTW, did you change your username??
    We are in New York but if we ever come to Seattle we would love to meet you guys. How did you manage to get EAD for your wife? Is it possible on H4 before I-485 is filed and pending?
    We would love to have a baby next year and hope that my hubby will be able to work by then...otherwise it is one income and three of us :(

    08-04 03:27 PM
    She applied for second AP before travelling. My question is does she have to return before first AP expires OR can I mail her the second AP when it gets approved?

    The requirement is that AP must be applied and approved before the applicant leaves the US. So in this case it is better your wife comes back on the old AP before it expires.


    Because Form I-131 is used for multiple applications, many people confuse the instruction on the form as it applies to the different application types. For instance while for a reentry permit, the applicant needs not be in the US for its approval; for AP the applicant must not leave the US until the application is approved.

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