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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • sweet_jungle
    02-25 03:55 PM
    If somebody wants to enter IT field from a non-IT background, any list of suggestions of the certifications and courses to be taken? There are so many of them that it is hard to choose.

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  • glosrfc
    12-02 10:16 AM
    I've got a vote!!!

    And I was beginning to think I was Billy-No-Mates for a while.

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  • phillyag
    05-30 04:43 PM
    2. I140 receipt
    3. I485 receipt

    Would photocopies do for the above 2 docs ?

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  • mwin
    11-21 10:56 AM
    Also, when applying for AP (form I-131), you have choose, if the AP is for one trip or multiple trips. Most lawyers choose multiple.

    How do you know AP is approved for multiple entries?

    I thought AP in general is for multiple entries.

    Is there a way to tell from your approval notice it your AP was approved for multiple times?

    Thank you.


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  • qasleuth
    05-06 11:02 PM
    Dear IV Members,

    I know this is an immigration forum but I thought if I can get some valuable advice.

    A couple of days back, the police forced into our apartment saying that they have heard a complain about domestic violence. I was surprised because the only thing that happenned was that our child was crying during that time. They came inside and started searching our small apartment and started to interogate me. In our bedroom, there is space where we keep our deities and do Puja. My wife is a little bit more religious than me - so she requested them not to go to that space with shoes on. However, they did not listen and just went wherever they wanted. This I think is a disrespect to other culture. Later, when they did not find anything, they just left. We were dumb-founded. We were scared too.... In our building, we are the only Indian/foreigner. This might probably leave a permanant scar in the child's mind when he sees his father interrogated for nothing.

    Can someone advice if we can take the matter to someone? Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    This is just horrible that you had to go through such an ordeal. In my opinion: There is no need to educate anybody. If they disrespected something you believe in, then shame on them.
    If you are innocent the most important thing to remember in such a situation is giving consent to 'search'. Once you give consent then you might lose the right to fight against such an infraction. If you did not give consent and they 'forced' themselves into your apartment then it is against your fourth amendment rights. Now the next question you might want to ask yourself: Now that the incident happened, what do you want to do about it? If you do not want to spend money on a lawyer, contact your local ACLU or NAACP chapter and seek advice. You have every right to do what needs to be done to feel better after being abused. And more importantly, when you lodge a complaint (after seeking advice from ACLU guys and/or lawyer) it triggers action, hopefully those officers will get some kind of training on respecting other cultures.

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  • qualified_trash
    12-03 06:53 AM
    If the old 140 is revoked, according to the law, you are not allowed to get an extension based on it

    this is only true if the revocation is due to fraud. if not, the PD is yours to keep.


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  • skagitswimmer
    June 6th, 2005, 10:03 PM
    These are all good suggestions and translate well from my film days. I also read that, whereas in b&w the adage was expose for the shadows and develop (or print) for highlights, in digital it is the reverse - expose to preserve detail in the highlights and then use your curves in RAW to fix the shadows where you want them. So I'll have to put all that to work this week / weekend. If the flowers stay around, that is.

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  • mihird
    09-17 11:57 PM
    I will tell your first hand, the path to becoming a doctor is TOUGH...

    You will need a lot of brains to clear those USMLE exams
    You will need a lot of money to appear for those USMLE exams/residency interviews
    You will need a lot of patience since it takes a minimum of 2 years to be able to apply.

    Here's what you do.

    My wife was here in the US on a H4 the past 2 years while she did all her prep work/exams etc., but assuming your brother is in India.

    1. Give USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 exams - they are conducted in India
    Each one takes about 6 months of prep time and
    shoot for a score in the upper 80s or preferably 90s - very
    few people get such high scores..
    2. Then one needs to get a B2 visa to appear for Step 3
    Step 3 is only conducted in the US
    (You WILL need the Step 3 cleared for H1 sponsorship)
    Good luck getting that B2 - plenty of people are
    denied this B2 in India - if you can't get this B2, that's
    the end of the game.
    3. Once you clear all the steps you need to apply through ERAS
    for a nationwide match for residency.
    4. Spend hoardes of money to travel to each hospital that
    invites you to an interview.
    5. Wait for the ERAS match results to be out.

    If you are lucky you would have matched somewhere. Your hospital files a H1 on your behalf and you wait for the approval. Once you get the approval, you become a resident doctor. 4 years in residency...and then you are a doctor..

    To make this long story short, lots of effort, lots of money and lots of patience is what it all takes...


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  • paskal
    04-09 08:38 PM
    once you use EAD- for fellowship
    you cannot be on an H1 from moonlighting.

    if your wife is with a reputable firm, i would imagine the risk is low with an approved 140

    i would ask a good attorney though.

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  • tinuverma
    03-17 01:31 PM
    gurus....please help.

    Hello everyone,
    My current project is ending. My client company has offered to take me full time and I am considering H1 transfer or using my EAD. Here is my Q:

    The client company is small. Will that be an issue? Is there a minimum requirement on how big the company has to be able to use EAD safely?



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  • dante1271
    08-05 07:01 PM
    Like your thoughts on these topic... pardon me for my ignorance but whats the big deal about Name Check? will this take longer than the rest of the processing stages?

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  • BMS1
    07-19 10:22 AM
    My understanding is that to file for I-485 one needs to be in valid non-immigrant status (which your spouse does not have as of july 17th). After a valid I485 filing, there is a relief of 180 days as per 245(K). I could be wrong. It was a serious mistake not to have filed before July 16th. But nevertheless worth a try. If USCIS does not reject the filing, you need to be careful, not to let your spouse stay inside US beyond 180 days counting from July 16th. Since at a later stage, should the application be denied,a lot more can go wrong.


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  • franklin
    06-21 12:27 AM
    I think if PD remains current and continues to be current after october, then the I-485s are processed and approved as per the receipt date(RD). So your RD matters if everything continues to be current. If they retrogress, then I-485s are still processed as per I-485 RD, regardless of PD, but if the that PD is not current, then it it will be "placed in suspense" until such PD will become current.
    I'm assuming that will happen. PDs will be retrogressed back sometime in sep/oct. And they will process all the current flood of applications. Not sure when they will get to June and beyond RDs(as per processing times they r still processing late 2006 RDs now). And after few months(say 6 months) they will move forward the PDs few months at a time.
    The above is just my theory. I could be totally off, so don't come to any conclusions.

    This is my understanding too

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  • natrajs
    04-16 12:11 PM
    Hi folks,

    Just got back from UK on Friday after a month of family time, medicals and our embassy interview! Wanted to let you all know that we were approved and happily back in the US!!

    Congrats on the latest admin wins and movements in campaigns/projects. I wanted to say a huge thank you but not farewell to the many kind folks who kept my spirits high in the short time I have been with IV:
    abhijitp, needhelp, digital2k, paskal, gsc999, waiting4gc, pappu, chanduv23, santb1975, nolaindian32, walking dude, ja1hind, logiclife and many more. All of you rock and America is very lucky to have such genuine and brilliant people like you. I wish you the very best for your own journey.

    I will be around for sure, just have to concentrate on securing some work and life for a bit, finally!

    my best :)

    Congrats and Best Wishes. Continue to support IV


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  • xu1
    08-24 07:40 PM
    Here's a link to a presentation that IV prepared in May for lawmakers. Page 13 has visa availabilities for indians in FY05. Take a look.. The slides has made a strong case with lots of facts compiled together. You can present the slides to your lawmakers or their staff, or the media if you get a chance..


    Page 13:
    soft quota---- ---- india actual approval---- spill over from ROW

    2,803 ---- ---- ---- 6,336 ---- ---- ---- 3,533
    2,803 ---- ---- ---- 16,687 ---- ---- ---- 13,884
    2,803 ---- ---- ---- 23,399 ---- ---- ---- 20,596

    8,408 ---- ---- ---- 46,422 ---- ---- ---- 38,014

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  • voldemar
    03-19 09:33 AM
    I-140 withdrawal is not mandatory but it's good for both - employer and employee. Check other threads when approved I-140 was revoked on Ability to Pay issue when USCIS added together all pending I-485 for the company. If you use AC21 to change employer and previous employer withdraw approved I-140 you are safe to go.


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  • edaltsis
    09-18 03:04 PM
    As per the rule: Once you start working in a full time capacity for another company (other than your current H1B employer) will mean that your H1B is no more active. Something happens to your I-140 and then you are screwed (Remember that you cannot get back to H1B status after you started using EAD with a company other than your current H1B employer). So, be careful before you use your EAD until your I-140 is approved and 6 months of I-485 filing (I assume you completed the 180 day rule).

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  • gcwait2007
    07-20 11:37 AM
    I am in Austin

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  • xgoogle
    08-20 01:48 PM
    I just called USCIS and according to the person I spoke with, it takes approximately 30 days from the date of approval of primary applicant for approval of dependents.

    I doubt if that is the case. I know people where the whole family got it.

    Also check out this other thread:


    12-05 12:04 AM

    you live your life dude, don't let any other M'fer control it!!!

    I think that about sums it up the best way possible. Gosh, I wish a chernobyl would happen in the areas that mofos come from and wipe them out.

    04-21 02:44 PM
    Hey don't get too hasty here.
    You are lucky that you are on extended LOP. Try to stay as long as you can on this. This is 100% legal. In parallel look for a job.

    Here are my answers:
    I am currently on my 9th year h1..my 140 is approved..and i am not a june 2007 filer..H1 valid till may 2010

    My spouse is on H1..can i switch over H4..
    Yes but why?
    > My company had not "officially" laid me off.. i am on an extended LOP.. and since there is no time limit of LOP on H1.. i am sure i cannot be on LOP for ever..;-)..its been 2 weeks..and i dont want to become illegal now..

    so here is my dilemma::confused:

    a.) If i switch to H4 and after few months i get a project..can i go back to H1..->
    No. H1 has to be refiled.
    b.) Can i file for H4 on my own..is it complicated?
    Yes and Not complicated (I haven't done this but I have seen the application).

    c.) if i change to H4..and my PD becomes current (PD Dec 2005)
    .) Can i file for AOS..as my 140 is approved..
    NO. Your GC is based on your employer. If you are on H4 => you are not on H1 => you are not working for the company. Therfore cannot use (AOS, is my understanding) and the same 140 to file I485. However if you start a new GC process then you should be able to breeze thru the system i.e. labor, 140 etc. That time you need to get the priority date of your previous labor since your 140 is approved - a lawyer will tell you how.
    .) Suppose i go back to desh ..can i file for consular processing..if my PD become current
    I don't know this one clearly. This may be possible if the company for which your 140 was applied says that they still have the position open for you.

    thank you!

    BTW are you from IT BHU?

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