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Thursday, June 2, 2011

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emo guys with black hair and blue eyes. hot emo guys with lue eyes and lack. Rude Emo Boy; Rude Emo Boy. MacbookSwitcher. Mar 29, 03:26 PM. While I would tend to agree that there are good
  • hot emo guys with lue eyes and lack. Rude Emo Boy; Rude Emo Boy. MacbookSwitcher. Mar 29, 03:26 PM. While I would tend to agree that there are good

  • gri
    Apr 24, 09:32 PM
    seriously just shut ur pretty faces with the tired backlit keyboard anthem. this is like the least desirable feature esp since it has a direct impact on battery life.

    so simple really:

    -more power
    -longer battery life
    -IPS display
    -less weight
    -runs cool

    the new x220 does the mba better in three items above today for a fact. time for apple to step it up again.

    If you don't like the BL keyboard you can always switch it off. Gives you the so desired battery life and others keep the option for a bl keyboard...

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  • Stridder44
    May 2, 04:02 AM
    Has anybody ran it on an early 2008 MBP with 8600m gt? (look at my sig) What graphic levels did u guys set the game on?

    I'd be interested to know this as well (have the same machine with the 512MB of VRAM option).

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  • wolfshades
    Nov 8, 09:05 AM
    As if security concerns weren't bad enough if your phone gets stolen.., If this is used to pay automatically for services and merchandise, what's to prevent a thief from running up a huge balance by using a stolen iPhone's RFID? Here in the UK we have to enter a PIN when using a credit card, and that seems to deter thieves. However, there are some places that require only a signature for some bank cards - my ex's purse was stolen in London and within the thirty minutes it took to report this to the bank 300 GBR pounds were charged to her bank card. Using a mobile phone for payment is not new - it's just a stupid idea.

    Your concerns are understood. My question is: how does this differ from having your wallet or credit card stolen? Amazing that we'll secure our computers up tightly to prevent online security breaches but we'll let the sketchy-looking waiter walk away with our credit card in the restaurant.....

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  • Chundles
    Sep 27, 08:57 AM
    Yep, sounds good. I likes me some OS updates.

    Rack up another one (10.4.9) in December followed by another just before Leopard (10.4.10) and I reckon we'd be done.


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  • kaneda
    Sep 14, 11:19 AM
    We all know MAC can't compete with Hardware, but we have some of the best programs on the market. That is how Steve going to use it for his ads campaign.

    I read article at macworld.com the other, Apple will never make OS for PC. Check out this article: http://maccentral.macworld.com/news/0209/11.haddad.php

    I am not complaining with the speed of the new Powermac, but I wouldn't mind to be faster. Faster is always better.

    With ipod release for PC. Apple will make tons of money. And maybe use that money and invest in developing new Hardware.

    Anybody has a stat. sell of Gateway Profile 4 and Apple imac? I want to see who is winning...

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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 10:19 AM
    i used to hate film with a passion. you have to be careful about taking pictures since a 24 exposure roll always went too fast. and you always let the good one get away.

    digital you just keep on snapping and find a good one later. i always laugh at my wife who tries to take the perfect picture. we had a pro at our wedding and that is the one thing i learned from him, as well as watching others. take as many pics as you can and find a good one later


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  • Icculus
    Mar 11, 09:00 AM
    My job is standing in line

    Mall security is getting anal about sitting in front of stores. They came by and measured out from the store opening and if you are in the way they make you move.

    On a good note the Nestle toll house cookie store is starting to open.


    That cookie stand is going to be taunting you ALL day....at least there is not a Cinnabon store right there, I would have a heart attack before 5pm.

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  • alent1234
    Dec 27, 09:08 PM
    You're talking about a whole country. As it is right now there are more iPhones in NYC than anywhere else. In order for this to be true it would mean tens of thousands of NYers, at least, are having their personal info stolen. Also, why only the iPhone? Wouldn't these thieves with all their stolen info just move onto another AT&T phone that costs just as much? Such as BB? Why hasn't any other telco stopped onlines sales of any of their high priced phones in NYC? Surely these thieves wouldn't just buy one phone.

    To believe this you would have to jump through many conclusions, some being illogical.

    all BB network traffic goes through RIM's datacenters making them easy to trace


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  • bigandy
    Nov 21, 04:17 PM
    That sounds pretty cool - if it could be harnessed to charge from the heat developed by a processor, RAM, or even the battery itself... :)

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  • King Cobra
    Sep 14, 07:08 AM
    >(MacBandit) First of all what do you consider great boot times? Not that this matters a lot. I have a new Dual Ghz/DDR and it starts from cold boot to login in screen in 27secs with 10.2 and from login to operating finder is nearly instantaneous.

    With 10.2, sure, boot time on the Mac has significantly improved. But I've noticed that with the PCs at PHHS the PCs boot in under a minute. But, just this past week I thought I logged out of one of the P3s and I actually restarted it. The restart to log-in, then to the OS was approximately the same as you said, MB. What would a computer with 3x/4x the GHz seem like?

    >Second of all as I have stated before the true reason Mhz doesn't matter is because something like %98 of all computer users are not power users these are the people that will go buy a new computer tomorrow and if there is a 2.8Ghz computer sitting next to a 800Mhz computer they couldn't care they're going to buy the cheap one.

    >(MacBandit, in a previous post) The people that really desire the speed at least most of them know the difference between Mhz and overall system speed.

    My entire previous post, starting from the first lengthy paragraph was trying to explain why MHz doesn't matter. I agree with your point of view, but I am trying to expand the MHz/GHz speeds of a G4 to how it would compare against a P4 of ≈ same speed. My post had approximations, so that's why I say approximately equal to, not =. But my point is that the G4 can actually surpass the P4 at 3 or 4GHz speeds if the right apps are used.

    >They don't even care how much ram it has. I know this because I went computer shopping with my boss for work(yes for a PC). He wanted my help. Well little help I was he bought the cheapest computer he could get with 64MB of Ram I suggested we upgrade it later and he agreed well that was 2 years ago still it sits with 64MB of RAM in it. Oh and I might add it still has all the stickers on the front of it.

    Well I didn't mention RAM, but I will now. Try running OS X (even 10.1) on ANY computer with 128MB of RAM or less. I have with my iMac 233 (w/64MB of RAM) and my iBook 467 (with 128MB). The iMac was a complete drag. My iBook is rather slow, but it works fine. My Cube G4 has 1GB of RAM and must be at least 2 or 3 times faster than my iBook, depending on what tasks I perform.

    >These people don't care about this stuff all it's used for is mail and the occasional websearch and most people are like this.

    Now this brings up a different issue (as well as MHz): OS Stability. Sure, XP may have fixed *some* :snicker: of the errors from older versions of Win. Yet it still isn't totally stable.

    Wherever there is a PC for that stuff, there is a low-end PowerMac for them. It's called an iMac. :cool:


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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:44 AM
    Update price: For existing customers the update is free.

    NICE :D :cool:

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  • jettredmont
    Nov 21, 06:20 PM
    If you're in a warm room, for instance, you'll have much lower performance, since it requires the differential to work. Of course, maybe the information available isn't wholly accurate, but that's my understanding based on the description.

    And therein lies the failure of this idea as a simplifying concept:

    When do you need the fan on? When the processor heats up.

    Do you want the fan blowing harder or softer when the room is warmer? Harder.

    In other words, if I'm sitting out in the cool evening air, I hardly need the fan going at all as the coolness of the air is doing just fine pulling the heat from the CPU. If I'm sitting in 100-degree weather then that fan better be buzzing like a bee to get enough air past the heat sink to effect a suitable heat transfer.

    This works in just the opposite: In the cold air, there's a huge differential, so the fan is going full bore, annoying me and all my peace-and-quiet-loving neighbors. In the warm air, it slows to a crawl as the amount of electricity generated approaches the lower limit of sustaining power for the fan. Then it stops. Then my laptop heats up rapidly and the processor dies.

    So, you need two additional controls: a bleed for cases when this extra cooling is not necessary, and a backup fan for when it isn't sufficient.

    So, we haven't been able to simplify the problem at all, and instead are gaining the (very slight) power savings from not having to run this fan off our battery power (directly) in a mid-temp room. Seems like the R&D and per-unit costs put into this circuitry could be more wisely spent eking a few more milliwatts from the existing circuitry ...


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  • Bierkameel
    Apr 23, 05:00 AM
    €6,66 per gallon, nuff said.
    That's 9,65$ per gallon.

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  • Schizoid
    Apr 5, 09:57 AM

    Will it blend?

    That is the question!


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  • Applejuiced
    May 3, 10:41 PM
    DOES att's EDGE and 3G HSPA+ share the same frequencies? would things be faster is EDGE and 3G used separate different frequencies?

    I think they're different frequencies.

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  • satcomer
    Apr 22, 10:13 PM
    Northern Virginia Sunoco (USA) on April 22, 2011:


    PS - Will people post pictures of the Gas prices in this thread. This is the picture gallery. :eek:


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  • redeye be
    Jun 23, 05:24 PM
    Redeye, you have to enjoy the warm weather a bit. Stop developing that widget and get out into the sun!
    Yeah, you're probably right. Although most of the work is done during the currently to hot nights ;).

    What am I saying.... Get back to work and work on it all day tomorrow, it's gonna rain anyhow! :D
    Bossing me around, are you? :mad:
    I'll have you're folding @$$ in 178 days as i can see from the new version of the widget. Watch your back mate :D.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Just made it work a half an hour ago, have fun with it ppl.
    See first post to download.

    As the new 'bug' section says: there is a resizing bug when viewing the back. Click the bottom of the widget to make it large before you view prefs to get the smoothest transition.

    The code cleanup is needed now more than ever. This was one of the lasts steps in the beta stage. I will now (appart from fixing some more - user reported - bugs maybe) start working on the widget from scratch. Less code, nicer graphics, easier to use. It will take a while though.
    Any request on widget abilities will be considered.

    Time to enjoy the weather.
    24�C at 12:23 am :(.

    Have fun with the widget and let me know what you think.

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  • redeye be
    Jun 1, 03:30 AM
    This is a great widget, and itself justifies the upgrade to Tiger! BTW, I believe you can update any widget by selecting it, and then hitting command-R (just FYI for the summary in the first post).
    Good point, glad you're enjoying the widget.

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  • aristotle
    Jun 14, 02:12 AM
    There's a reason why it'd be easier to make an AWS iPhone than a CDMA iPhone; CDMA is pretty much monopolized by Qualcomm, so if Apple wanted a CDMA iphone it'd probably cost quite a bit to make.

    Of course, Apple could simply buy out Qaulcomm. I kinda look forward to the day Steve walks out on stage and starts bragging about Verizon's awesome coverage areas lol.

    AWS isn't AFAIK monopolized by anyone and should be as easy to do as current GSM is. (I may be wrong)
    Uh, you do realize that even Verizon is going to eventually abandon CDMA for LTE and that LTE is the 4th generation evolution of GSM technology?

    Every carrier in North America, except for Sprint has plans to move to LTE. Every carrier outside of North America is either on HSPA/HSDPA already of plans on going with LTE in the future.

    There is no 4th generation CDMA standard because it died on the planning table.

    GSM technology went like this:
    For Voice:
    For Data:

    Apr 5, 10:45 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    -double post-

    Aug 19, 02:44 PM
    I don't understand all the bad push back for this new feature.

    I'm walking down inner city and notice Jane is at the local coffee shop, I'll say hi. I'm at the concert with a buddy, and notice Brad is there too. I just entered this really neat cupcake place, I want to let my FRIENDS know.

    If you're freaked out a creeper may know your location, why are you friends with them?

    All the positive to this new, cool feature - and everyone says is - this will track your every move and people will kidnap you and break into your house, blah blah blah.

    I agree my friend......you might just catch Jane in a vulnerable position of getting laid !!!!

    Jul 2, 09:56 PM
    Any limits to they type of printer I can use with an SE? I want to buy a used LaserWriter for one that I'm purchasing, and I don't want to buy one and pay for it to be shipped, olny to find out it's too new.

    Nov 5, 05:56 AM
    From Macworld, Oct. 19th 2006..

    According to IDC’s report, the growth puts Apple’s market share at 5.8 percent (fourth place overall), ahead of Toshiba at 4.2 percent. Dell topped the U.S. market with 31 percent, but suffered a negative growth rate of -6.7 percent. The top 5 is rounded out by HP with a 22 percent share and Gateway with a 6 percent share.

    Apple's 5.8% marketshare would be far higher if it wasn't for the corporate bulk-buying of PCs for business; plus all the end of line, bargain-basement PCs that may figure in any such report.

    Dec 28, 09:14 AM
    My towns on the list. North Jersey (in Bergen County) town. Awesome.

    How does Apple let AT&T get away with this.

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