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Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • FinalGC
    02-17 09:20 PM
    I believe the spillover will come from ROW EB3

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  • miguy
    03-16 09:16 AM
    well, the connection is that if you get the Statement of Need from Canada, you can go to Canada to satisfy the 2 years j1-home residency requirement. While, if you get the SON from India, you would have to go to India. You have talked about plan B in your earlier post, I am a Canadian Citizen and my wife a Canadian PR(we live in Canada). So, if she gets a residency on J1, the worst is that she could come to Canada to satisfy the 2 yr requirement.

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  • phillyag
    07-20 02:01 PM
    Can someone advise on this. My 6 yrs of H1 expires in Jan 2008. Employer says they will only apply 90 days prior to H1-b expiration.

    They already applied my 485 and AP.
    What should I be doing?
    1. Can I apply EAD myself?
    2. will I get in trouble if I do not have EAD and my H1 expires?
    3. Can I move to new employer using AC21 without EAD?

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  • Berkeleybee
    05-17 01:22 PM
    Thanks for opening a seperate thread for this.

    Looking at the proceedings for the last 2 days i feel those opposed to immigration r using the delaying tactic to somwhow push out and kill the bill. It also looks like some form of the bill will come out eventually.
    There are enough provisions in the bill which will have a significant effect on retrogression when it becomes a law.

    As the bill progresses in the senate and in the conference, they may push out the effective date ( for the bill to become a law) to get the house aboard.

    I wonder if we can ask for some non controversial portions of the bill such as capturing unused VISA numbers (they must be 90K) to become law immediatly. This will ease retrogression significantly as there will be no country limits for those numbers.

    Can we ask any Senator to bring such an amendment.
    (remember those who r here illegally and who need to wait for 8 years to apply for G.C can wait an year more. Need i say about those stuck in the Employment based categories.)



    I understand your anxiety. To answer your questions:

    There is no chance of having any single set of provisions "become law immediately."

    Unfortunately, we have to let this current round of discussions on CIR play out. What should we root for? That amendments to the current CIR that basically gut the bill fail. If the bill survives these amendments then we stand a good chance of succeeding in our efforts.

    For strategic reasons, we cannot disclose everything we know about behind the scenes agreements.

    Hang in there!



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  • villamonte6100
    08-21 12:29 PM
    So, once you have finished the security check, your I485 is approved, unless CIS wants to interview you. You said only a small percentage, wow, I hope I don't get called for interview.

    How long did you wait after your biometrics to get your 485 got approved?

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  • browncow
    06-08 10:53 PM
    I do not support this.

    one, We simply do not want a temporary fix to our big genuine bureaucratic issue. and two, we are not alone, there are others who are filing/have filed labor/i140s and are waiting to file 485s.

    also, it will mellow down our resolve to overcome this injustice.
    money is really not the issue, as if they issue a 10 year EAD, they are definitely gonna make it that much more expensive, and USCIS cannot delay EAD APs, as that would make our case even stronger.


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  • lifestrikes
    02-15 03:44 PM
    I have set Google Alert for instant Email notification for news from Zoe Lofgren. No updates yet.

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  • Higcoptimist
    05-15 09:05 PM

    Well, Bush has delivered his address on the immigration subject. Unless I am missing something, not a word was said about the Legal Immigration or the H1Bs. All the focus was on the illegal immigrants and the border enforcement.

    Does that mean that the Legal ones like us are in the backburner? Would the Senate and the house focus only on the illegals and give them the path to citizenship, leaving those who played by the rules, in the lurch? What kind of justice is this in the "Land of Justice"?

    I hope the senators and the representatives are sensible and leave the provisions for the EBs in the proposed bill, alone.

    Hoping for the best.



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    08-16 03:26 PM
    There is not direct signed contract with the client and old employer. There are like 3 layers inbetween client and the old employer. old employer have contract with the middle vendor not the client.

    But, one problem is this old employer made me sign the Employee Agreement document when i was going for my visa stamping. He is using that Agreement and using it against me. And also in the offer letter which he gave me he said he will revise or increase my pay every 6 months but never did that and he didn't gave any medical benifits also.



    It all depends on the language in the Agreement that you signed. More over in some state doesn't consider these kind of agreements.

    Tell him that you are going to complain to DOL if he threatens you. Even though he sues you, as the reason behind your H1 transfer is not getting paid in time, there are very good chances getting final verdict in your favor.

    So don't worry.

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  • Marphad
    01-09 12:38 PM
    Anotehr question in thsi regard, say ur I-94 expired and you applied for and got h1 renewal, and the new I-797 has the new I-94 in it, so we cut it from there and staple it to our passports ???

    And when we leave the country we surrender both the I-94s ???

    No the current one!


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  • puskeygadha
    12-02 07:32 AM
    but employer keeps the LC and I-140. If I move to new employer
    what is the proof that my I-140 was approved.


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  • kirupa
    03-27 01:30 AM
    gesfox - added :)


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  • shreekarthik
    08-08 11:43 AM
    Basically, you get 1 credit for a quarter of year, so 4 credits a year. If you have lived and worked 8 full years and 6 months for the year when you came and 6 months the year you depart from the country, you will,be fine. So bottom line is 40 quarters i.e. 10 Years i.e (1 quarter is 3 months) of gainfully employed time and having paid SS Taxes.

    It's not per quarter. It's based on your earnings. It was around $4000 per year gross or so for 4 credits. So if u arrived in December and left in Feb with 8 years in between you would be eligible if you get paid $4000 per month.

    For a lot of finance information go to http://groups.msn.com/R2IClub. For 401K information, IRA, ROTH etc search google for "RRK Limits". RRK has tonnes and tonnes of info. By planning your departure from USA you can minimize the taxes on 401K. Penalty cannot be avoided.

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  • gauravster
    12-03 09:25 AM
    One more thing that you might look into is the vacations that you hae taken. Generally speaking, if you spend time outside the US, you can exclude that time from the H1B 6 year limit. So if you took an average of 2 week vacation every year, you could get about 12 additional weeks. So your H1B would expire closer to Dec end, instead of 30 Sep.

    You might need to provide documentation to prove this though. The additional time might be valuable nevertheless.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    October 27th, 2003, 10:14 AM
    I like the second shot quite a bit. I think that would look fantastic in a large nice frame.

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  • priderock
    05-15 11:03 AM
    I think this is a very useful poll and I wish most people partake in this. This will give a very good metric on how many people are waiting and good guestimate on future movements !!!


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  • yabadaba
    06-21 07:35 AM
    Although that the rule..I dont think USCIS actively follows it. The reason for that being the ombudsman report that states that the adjudicating officers pick low hanging fruit first (simple strforward cases) and that is reflected on where people have been getting their 485 approved within 90 days (which the ombudsman's report states is uscis's goal). right now the processing date is holding at 9 months. maybe to dissuade people from continously calling the NSC 1800 number.

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  • vactorboy29
    11-27 09:19 AM
    I had very very bad experience in Mumbai. I had lost my all documents except passport .Keep ur Documents all the time with you no matter what situation would be. Look for good safe hotel don�t go after chip hotel. One more thing keep all your valuables in secured place.

    At consulate experience was pleasant.

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  • ameryki
    02-26 03:17 PM
    I have not seen the 485 receipt notice come through and its been over 6 months since I applied. Down the line after a few months we will have to start preparing for EAD and AP renewal and I take it we will need a copy of the 485 receipt notice to file? Any thoughts.

    05-29 10:40 AM
    I think if you call them then they might be able to set up the emergency appt. I got a bit frustrated by their process so I never called them.

    I have an emergency to go to India to take care of my sickly mom and I need to return back to work on July first. I am also trying to get emergency appointment. I couldnt. Could you please suggest the way I can get emergency appointment in any of the consulate.

    Steve Mitchell
    December 5th, 2003, 09:44 PM
    Could you put a link up to that plug in? I really like that.

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